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About Us

MDCS had its humble beginnings in 2005 as a desktop solutions company. Over the years, we have evolved into a comprehensive IT services provider, with a strong focus on HP and NVIDIA (AI) solutions.  

Here is a glimpse of our diverse service offerings:  

  • HP Thin Client (management) Solutions
  • HP Security Solutions (HP Wolf Security / HP Sure Family)
  • VMWare Horizon View (VDI)
  • AppiXoft Scense / WorXpace (Workspace Management)
  • NVIDIA AI Infrastructure Solution (as MDCS.AI)


We believe in a straightforward and no-nonsense approach – transparent, honest, and grounded in human effort. We strive to be the go-to knowledge hub for medium to large organisations, offering them candid and relevant advice. Open communication is our credo, and we place great importance on collaborating with our partners. In today’s modern landscape, flexibility, mobility, and manageability are essential, forming the foundation of our organisation and our approach to work.


Scalable data centres, flexible workplace solutions, AI, security, and additional services form the fundamental building blocks of any modern IT environment geared for the future. IT as a utility – consistently accessible and secure, everywhere, for everyone, and characterised by its manageability and reliability. MDCS is the organisation that, together with its partners, provides the fitting solution and gladly takes on the central role of architect and coordinator. At MDCS, we believe in collaboration, recognising that every project is unique and comes with distinct requirements. In our commitment to delivering the highest quality and care to our customers, MDCS collaborates with top-tier suppliers.

At MDCS, we’re the architects of understanding, building your tower of IT wisdom one brick of creativity at a time.


01. Pragmatism

We embrace a pragmatic approach that prioritises clarity. You won’t find lengthy proposals here (which, let’s be honest, no one enjoys reading anyway). Instead, we offer concise, well-defined documents that specify what to expect and what not to.

Furthermore, we specialise in placing the right technology in the right context. Our motto is “KIS”: Keep It Simple (but clever).


02. User-Centric Solutions

Our solutions are always designed with the end-user in mind.

We place the end-user at the core of our approach, enabling them to perform their tasks in the smartest and most efficient manner.


03. Navigators in the Complex World of IT

We serve as your guiding force in navigating the landscape of your new IT environment. We will advise you and protect you against potential pitfalls.

Rest assured that we are well-versed in our domain, allowing you to keep your focus on your goals while we handle the journey.

04. Innovators

We like to stay ahead of the curve to deliver the innovation our customers seek. Whether it’s pioneering developments in security or the realms of artificial intelligence, we stay at the forefront.

Behind the scenes, we tirelessly work to integrate the latest technology, ensuring that your company can lead the competition in this exciting innovation journey.


What do we do?

Striking a Balance: User-Centric Focus and Data Centre Proficiency

While MDCS places a strong emphasis on end-user-oriented services and solutions, we also possess extensive knowledge of the intricacies of the back-end, specifically within the data centre. Our engineers boast years of experience running enterprise data centre solutions, and this expertise equips us to assist you in achieving the ideal balance between end-user and data centre optimisation.


The user is key because, ultimately, they are the ones tasked with fulfilling the company’s objectives. To achieve this, the user requires an efficient and secure workplace – a workplace they can identify with, ensuring seamless access to applications, data, printers, and settings. This workplace should empower them to work swiftly, systematically, and smartly, eliminating unnecessary delays or cumbersome tasks while maintaining administrative control for IT staff. Moreover, the IT team needs robust tools at their disposal to address these topics quickly, centrally and efficiently.

Everyday computing should be straightforward and flexible, enabling people to maximise productivity regardless of their location. WorXpace is the next-level application experience, featuring modern cloud-based management, efficient application delivery, and robust security.

Whether you’re catering to thousands of users or managing a more compact IT environment, worXpace gives you the tools to tackle virtually any challenge. You can compose your user workspaces in great detail to provide a personalised, productive working experience.

Scense is a powerful combination of workspace management, user profile management, and application delivery solutions. It enables users to work flexibly, while maintaining central control within the purview of the IT department. Scense focuses on delivering workspaces within a shared user environment (like SBC and VDI).


Google Chrome devices have become an integral part of today’s Enterprise IT landscape, offering speed, security, and user-friendliness. Collaboration and seamless information sharing are of paramount importance in an Enterprise IT environment. For many future employees, this is already the primary IT environment in education. In addition, simple and efficient cloud-based management significantly reduces the costs and efforts involved in managing Chrome OS environments.

Google Chrome for Enterprise

Google Chrome Enterprise seamlessly combines Chrome OS and the Chrome browser to enable cloud-based work. Effortlessly manage user access to data, apps, and extensions while maintaining secure work environments accessible from any location and on any device. Your data is securely stored in the cloud.

Google Chrome Hardware

Chrome devices, available as Chromebooks and Chromeboxes, offer automatic background updates and rapid boot times, ensuring their longevity and continued high performance long after your initial purchase. Moreover, they come with the convenience of the Google Play Store at your fingertips and are equipped with multiple layers of security, guaranteeing the safety of your devices.

With Chrome for Enterprise, you can centrally manage all aspects of these devices, no matter where they are located worldwide.

Thin Clients no longer require an introduction; for years these workstations have been a staple in unlocking environments based on Server-Based Computing (SBC), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), and web-based applications (SaaS). The possibilities of operating systems and applications on Thin Clients have increased significantly in recent years, but these advancements have not put a stop to all external threats. Managing this complexity centrally is imperative. MDCS has a long-standing involvement in implementing HP Thin Clients and the central management platform, HP Device Manager.

HP has recognised MDCS’s expertise and knowledge in this field. Our MDCS specialists collaborate at various levels within the global HP organisation to continually enhance Thin Clients and HP Device Manager.

Here’s what we offer:

HP Device Manager Implementation

If you are already using HP Thin Clients but are managing them manually or with third-party tools, we can implement HP Device Manager in your organisation. We will also instruct your IT staff on the most efficient ways to use the tooling to optimise your Thin Client environment. This service extends to not only office-based Thin Clients but also to mobile and hybrid Thin Clients.

HP Thin Client Image creation

If you’re unsure whether your Thin Client installation is optimised or find that creating or recreating installations is time-consuming, our years of experience in crafting efficient Thin Client installations for SMBs and Enterprise customers can assist you. If you are using HP Device Manager, we can even create all the necessary tasks for installation, upgrading, migration, and provide you with version control tools.

HP Thin Client Deployment Service

Whether you are just beginning with HP Thin Clients or want to start afresh in setting up and managing them, this comprehensive service combines all the offerings mentioned above. 

Security threats targeting users and their systems are evolving into more sophisticated and complex attacks. Coupled with the rise of hybrid working, users are no longer confined within the presumed safety of the organisation’s network boundaries.

Every day witnesses the launch of thousands of new types of ransomware and malware, posing threats to end-user systems.

In recent years, HP has been actively working to eliminate human errors in security attacks (such as “Open this” or “Click here” vulnerabilities) and to enhance security levels to mitigate hardware attacks.

Enter the HP Wolf (HP Sure) platform—an initiative where HP integrates various layers of protection into their systems. These layers include hardware features like HP Sure Admin, HP Sure Start, and HP Sure Recover, along with a suite of intelligent security software, known as the HP Wolf Security family.

These hardware and software solutions collaborate seamlessly with your existing NextGen Anti-Virus (NGAV). Most hardware features come pre-installed in the systems at no extra cost, while the software solutions are available on a subscription basis.

MDCS has been involved in implementing HP Wolf/HP Sure security solutions from the outset. We can swiftly get your organisation up and running, ensuring an immediate improvement in security levels. Our startup services encompass essential topics and project-based implementations.

Our startup services include:

HP Sure Admin Implementation Service

Many organisations struggle with effective BIOS management. While passwords are often in place for protection, they frequently remain unchanged, and the same password is used across all machines. This creates vulnerability in your end-point security. HP Sure Admin provides full control over BIOS settings, allowing secure access control and modifications. MDCS efficiently implements HP Sure Admin in a short timeframe.

HP Sure Recover Implementation Service

Imagine your mobile workforce encountering unusual behaviour or a software breakdown while on the road or working from home. While calling them back to the office is an option, what if the end-user could independently restore their machine from wherever they are, bringing it back to the desired state to continue seamlessly? This not only saves valuable time for the end-user but also for you IT staff. This is where HP Sure Recover comes into play. MDCS collaborates with your IT team for a fast and reliable implementation.

HP Sure Click Enterprise Implementation Service

By introducing an additional layer of security on top of your NGAV, HP Sure Click ensures that threats delivered through the opening of infected documents or clicking on malicious links are neutralised within a safe, isolated environment. This proactive approach eliminates human error, providing reassurance to your staff that such attacks won’t harm your organisation. As a certified HP Wolf partner in the BeNeLux, MDCS is authorised and proficient in performing a comprehensive implementation of this solution in your environment. We conduct a thorough assessment of your security posture, engage in discussions about business processes, articulate goals, and devise implementation strategies. We remain available post-implementation to fine-tune the solution, ensuring optimal security without disrupting the end-user process excessively.

If you’ve ever accessed a remote workspace, you’ve used a remote display protocol. HP Anyware seamlessly connects users to their remote desktops and workstations, providing a highly responsive, colour-accurate, lossless, and distortion-free experience, even for the most graphics-intensive workloads.

HP Anyware achieves this through the PCoIP protocol, ensuring that your organisation’s data and content remain within your secure data centre. Awarded an Emmy by the Television Academy for Engineering Development, HP Teradici stands as the gold standard in remoting software, excelling in performance, security, and deployment flexibility.

HP Anyware Implementation Service

With MDCS’s HP Anyware Implementation Service, your organisation can benefit from our extensive experience in Enterprise environments. Together, we design a tailored solution based on your organisation’s needs and goals. We discuss how this environment seamlessly integrates into your current setup and provide on-the-job training for your staff. Upon completion, your team will be adept at installing, configuring, and expanding the HP Anyware Solution independently. Still uncertain about an upgrade or seeking advice on specific tasks? Through our (ad-hoc) support contracts, we remain available to assist whenever you need help.

With the surge of machine learning/deep learning and artificial intelligence, many organisations are grappling with the question, ‘We want this too, but how do we go about it?’ The MDCS.AI business unit of MDCS is dedicated to assisting customers in addressing this question collaboratively.

Regardless of where you are on your AI journey, we can provide guidance, implement the best AI infrastructure for your project or organisation, or establish an AI Centre of Excellence. To learn more about what MDCS.AI can do for your organisation, click the button below.

While NVIDIA is renowned for its GPUs and ML/DL/AI solutions, it has also established a commendable track record in high-performance networking.

MDCS is a proud distributor for NVIDIA networking products and possesses extensive expertise in the entire NVIDIA networking portfolio and its implementation, which includes:

    • Spectrum Ethernet Switches
    • Quantum InfiniBand Switches
    • Bluefield DPU’s
    • ConnectX Network cards

For further details about NVIDIA networking products, please visit:

Virtualisation plays a crucial role in creating a secure, fast, flexible, and user-friendly digital workplace environment.

Transform your static desktops into secure, on-demand workspaces. Whether installing virtual desktops or facilitating access to remote desktops and applications through a unified VDI and app virtualisation platform, the goal is to streamline management and provide end users with the utmost convenience to work from any location, at any time, and on any device.

As a VMware partner, MDCS is well-equipped to offer guidance, design, implementation, and support for your VMware Horizon View environment, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

For all the above solutions we deliver the following services:


MDCS offers comprehensive advisory services related to our solutions portfolio. This includes health checks, reviews, architecture design, and hardware/software sales.

Proof of Concept

Under the expert guidance of MDCS specialists, you can explore the capabilities of the solution for your organisation. Together, we build the necessary infrastructure, establish workplaces, and conduct thorough testing.


Once you’re convinced and ready for implementation, MDCS will guide you through the process, helping you make the right decisions. Tasks such as design, implementation and planning are collaboratively executed.

(Remote) Support / Management

Even after the implementation phase, we offer ongoing support or can fully manage the solution for you. This can be arranged on an ad-hoc basis or as part of a contractual agreement with SLAs, PKIs, and other cool buzzwords. The choice is entirely yours.


To ensure that your IT staff can effectively leverage the solution for your organisation, MDCS provides tailored training sessions based on our implementation. We discuss group size, location, and planning to ensure that it aligns with your specific needs. Our primary goal is to make sure the solution works optimally for you, enabling your team to maximise its benefits.

Meet the team.

At MDCS, our team comprises seasoned professionals boasting decades of collective experience in both Small to Medium-sized Businesses (SMB) and Enterprise settings.

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